5 Best Drinks For Speeding Up Your Metabolism

Everybody in the health and fitness world speaks about metabolism and about various foods and drinks that can boost it. While there's surely a lot of hype in this industry, the truth is that some foods and drinks have the ability to boost your metabolism.

Now I'm going to detail five of the metabolism boosting drinks, so that you can learn how to burn calories and shed your extra pounds without having to exhaust yourself in the gym or starve yourself.

glass of waterWater

Drinking eight glasses of water a day can help you maintain the right metabolism level.

While this isn't exactly a boost, a good level of hydration will help your body function at its best, therefore burning the maximum number of calories possible.

Black Tea

Black tea is also good for maintaining your level of hydration, therefore ensuring your metabolism isn't going to slow down. Moreover, black tea is rich in flavan-3-ols, a compound that has been proven to boost human metabolism by about 4%.

Flavan-3-ols can improve blood flow and offer a certain level of protection against various chronic conditions among other health benefits.

Green Tea

green teaGreen tea is extremely good for you, not only because it is an excellent metabolism booster, but also because it contains higher concentrations of flavan-3-ols than black tea.

Among the most common varieties of green tea are gunpowder, dragonwell, matcha and sencha. You may try them all, and then choose the ones you like most to drink on regular basis. Green tea will help you burn calories in a more effective manner.

Besides, thanks to its anti-oxidant power, green tea may be able to slow down the ageing process, allowing you to be more energetic and to lead an active life.


Smoothies can give your metabolism a boost, but only if you choose the right ingredients. If you want to get the most out of these drinks, you should mix fruits that are rich in fiber with high protein foods such as nuts and seeds.

Your smoothies are going to provide you all needed nutrients to keep your body in maximum shape, while also boosting your metabolism. Just choose the most effective ingredients, and start your mornings with a tasty glass full of extra energy and taste.


Coffee is one of the hot drinks that can provide you a series of health benefits. If you stay hydrated, the chlorogenic acid in coffee is going to contribute to enhancing your metabolism. This phytonutrient has been proven to play an important role in stimulating the fat burning process within the body.

Moreover, this substance is very effective in fighting free radicals, slowing down the natural aging process and making you feel more energetic and strong.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how metabolism boosting drinks work and how they can help you burn more calories without changing your lifestyle or your diet.

They won't magically make you lose a lot of weight immediately, but they can help your digestive system be more efficient and contribute to a healthy metabolic rate.

If you are looking for faster results, it would be a good plan to add a fat burning supplement like PhenQ to your diet. It also works to keep you feeling full throughout the day, which makes it easier to stick to your diet.

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