How To Get Motivated To Work Out

You might want to get back into working out and visiting the gym, but find that a lack of motivation is stopping you. It is especially hard if you haven't worked out in a while.

We all know that diet and exercise are the keys to losing weight, but some days we just can't get motivated to exercise at all. In this article we try to address the issue of lack of motivation to exercise to get you back out there working out.

Thankfully, there are a few tips you can use to get your motivation back and start seeing the results you are looking for. Here are a few tips you can use:

fun exerciseFind Something Fun

Make your workouts more fun by making them less monotonous and increasing variety. Plodding along on an exercise bike checking calories burned and your hear rate at regular intervals isn't my idea of fun.

Instead think back to your childhood where you exercised without realizing it. Activities like rollerblading and team games like netball are all good calorie burners that get your heart rate up whilst maintaining an element of fun.

Find something that you really love doing, be it swimming or rock climbing, and exercise will become easy as you really want to get back out there and improve at your chosen activity.

Or Try Mindless Exercise

If you can't find something you really love doing then try “mindless” exercise. For example, buy an exercise bike and cycle while you watch TV. Or do crunches when the adverts are on.

By sneaking exercise into your daily activities it doesn't become such a chore as you don't have to stop what you would normally do to go out in the cold or head down to a gym.

Treat Exercise as Me Time

If you treat exercise as a time to escape and get some “me” time it becomes more of a treat than a chore. Couple this with finding something that you love and you have even more incentive to get exercising.

Enhance your special time alone by listening to songs that you love while working out.

Set New Goals

Perhaps the best way of getting your motivation fired up again is to set a brand new set of weight loss or fitness goals to achieve.

You may have fallen into the trap of staying the same weight and maintaining fitness levels, but now you're getting back into the gym its time to set some goals to work towards. Set very specific goals you want to achieve.

Examples would be adding a set amount of weight to certain lifts or running a mile in a shorter period of time. More specific goals are better to work towards.

Change Your Workout

The next thing you can try in order to get your motivation back would be to change up your workout. Going back to what you were doing before will just leave you feeling bored and you won't want to workout.

You want to challenge your muscles, not maintain the strength they already have, and a new workout is the perfect tool to achieve this.

Try a New Class

If you have always been one to use the treadmill and other cardio machines, it might be time to think of doing a fitness class to change up your cardio routine.

Zumba classes are popular among women, whilst fitness classes that incorporate martial art moves are popular among men and women alike.

Not only will you get fit, but you may also make friends which only adds to your motivation to keep going to classes to catch up with friends.

Try an Energy Booster

Sometimes we can lack motivation because we are lacking energy. There are things you can do about this including making sure you are eating enough slow release carbohydrates like oats and brown rice even if you are on a low carb diet.

PhenQ is not only a powerful fat burner, it also gives a serious energy kick when you take it as well thanks to its blend of energy boosting ingredients. More energy means you could feel more like working out and find it easier when you are exercising to push that bit harder.

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