Which Home Exercise Equipment is Best for Beginners

Lot's of people want to workout at home instead of going to their local gym, or personal trainer. It is convenient and easy to do when you know which home exercise equipment is best for beginners like you.

Home exercise equipment can be very cheap: cheaper than a gym membership for example. It helps to have a dedicated room in your home in which to keep your equipment, if you are going to buy a lot or large apparatus. But this isn't necessary.

Mini Trampolines

For a more fun cardio workout than average you could buy one of those fold down mini trampolines to use in any room of your home. You could bounce away in front of your TV!

No special knowledge is required to bounce on a trampoline making this home exercise equipment ideal for beginners.

When you are finished, simply fold up and store in a wardrobe for example. They really are convenient.

Hand Weights

Another cheap and convenient option for working out at home is using hand weights. If you've never used them before start with a low weight, and you can always buy heavier as you become stronger.

These are quite small, so store easily when not in use.

Stationary Bikes

When we think of home exercise equipment, possibly the first thing to come to mind is a stationary bike. I have a bike I bought in a thrift store (that was difficult to get home!) and I use it every day because I keep it in my living room.

Beware it doesn't become a place to store clothes though. As with any home workout equipment you have to be disciplined to use it.

Exercise Ball

home exercise equipmentThese exercise balls really are great for beginners and usually come with instructions on how to use them effectively.

You can buy a blow up ball which makes it extremely easy to store and assemble.

This home gym equipment is very cheap and helps to stretch out tight muscles as well as letting you work on your core to tone up your stomach.

Jump Rope

Popular among kids and bodybuilders alike, jump ropes are also great for beginners to home exercise equipment. This is because it is so easy to do and they help you to burn off a lot of calories.

These days we don't have to make do with a basic jump rope. There are counting ropes a bit like a pedometer which keep track of how many jumps you have done. Extremely beginner friendly.

Other Home Exercise Equipment

If you want to invest and have the space available you can choose from some larger, more expensive items of machinery such as a rowing machine or treadmill.

The downside is obviously that they are bulky and thus harder to move from room to room. But if you have a dedicated fitness room they are ideal for giving you a great cardio workout.

What Role do Supplements Have?

It is always a good idea to get a proper fitness regime nailed down. Both for your fitness and health levels as well as for losing weight. But did you know that it's not just serious bodybuilders and gym fanatics that can benefit from supplements in addition to exercise?

Weight loss supplements these days have come a long way. They don't just help to cause safe,steady weight loss, they can help with motivation to workout because pills like PhenQ give you energy. They also help with appetite control which is ideal if you are trying to stick to a diet.

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