5 Cardio Workouts to Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes or Less

With the top 5 cardio workout tips in this article you can easily burn 100 calories a day in just under 10 minutes. It's simply a case of picking the right exercise to burn off calories quicker. You can also build up your workouts to burn 300 extra calories a day for example. This can really help your weight loss efforts.

Running (10mph)

  • Calories Burned Per Hour = 1,090
  • Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 5.5

You could jog, but for maximum calorie and fat burning results, an intense run is perfect. In just over 5 minutes you can burn off 100 calories. Not only is running easy to do, it doesn't need any fancy equipment apart from a good pair of running shoes if you want to do it often.

It is a great cardio workout that really gets your blood pumping. Running also helps keep your heart healthy. You can build up your runs to burn more calories. I know some fit people who run for an hour at a time, taking it in fast sprints with rests in between.

Cycling (20mph)

  • Calories Burned Per Hour = 1,090
  • Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 5.5

Take your cycling up a notch by pedaling at high speeds. Ideally you want to follow a cycle route (if you choose to cycle outdoors) so there is no waiting around at traffic lights. A stationary bike is also an option.

You will notice that cycling burns the same amount of calories in 5.5 minutes as running does, but without the impact on your joints.

Cycling outdoors has multiple benefits from improving balance to strengthening your lower body. You will also get a healthy supply of vitamin D being created in your body thanks to sunlight, which is good for your bone health.


  • Calories Burned Per Hour = 800
  • Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 7.5

kickboxing to burn 100 caloriesIf you want a fun, action filled way to workout without feeling like you are exercising, try kickboxing. You can go to a kickboxing class with an instructor and practice with others, or you can try moves on your own.

Just 8 minutes a day is all you need to work off over 100 calories.

Remember to keep the pace up for a good workout. Other benefits of this cardio exercise are improved balance and coordination plus improved reflexes.

Your lower body will be engaged throughout a session which is great for improving muscle tone.

Swimming (Intense)

  • Calories Burned Per Hour = 667
  • Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 9

Swimming isn't for everyone and you may think it doesn't burn much calories at all. But you would be wrong because intense swimming back and forth in a pool lane can help you burn 100 calories per 9 minute period.

It is a great cardio exercise that gets all of your muscles involved so you can tone up all over. Lot's of people choose to swim because it is very low impact on joints. Swimming also boosts your lung capacity.

Walking (5mph)

  • Calories Burned Per Hour = 545
  • Minutes To Burn 100 Calories = 10

Walking is underrated as a way to burn off calories. Almost all of us walk daily, so you could easily add a brisk walk into your day. The key is to maintain a brisk pace of around 5mph. You shouldn't be completely out of breath, but you should find you are breathing faster.

Walking has less impact on your joints than jogging or running, but the trade-off is that it takes slightly longer to burn off 100 calories. It's still a great way to get some exercise into your daily life.

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