3 Pool Noodle Exercises to Get Fit and Lose Weight Fast

Pool noodle exercises for fitness are a fun way to get fit and lose weight in the water. Because the pool water helps to support your joints, these exercises are low impact so may also be suitable for people who re recovering from injuries. With these exercises you can tone up your muscles including your core.

As part of my fun fitness series of advice articles, I looked into the use of pool noodles to see if there were any fun yet effective exercises you can do to work out different muscle groups. I devised 3 top pool noodle exercises you can do in your public swimming pool (or in your private pool if you are lucky!).

Noodle Push and Pull

The Noodle Push and Pull focuses on your upper body, especially your arms and chest. With one tweak you can turn it into a full body workout by walking around while you carry out the move. This is an easy to remember move you can carry out next time you bring your noodle to the pool.

Go into chest level water and with your palms facing downward, push the noodle down under the water until your arms are fully extended, and repeat. The key to getting a maximum arm workout with this move is in slowly allowing the pool noodle to rise back out of the water. The resistance of the water will make this move more difficult than you realize.

Pool Noodle Running

You need waist deep water to carry out this move. Take your noodle and bend it into a U shape. Wrap it around your waist with the ends facing in front of you When you run across the pool as fast as you can in this position, there will be a great deal of resistance created which makes the move more of a workout.

You should run back and forth across the pool quickly until you feel your heat rate increasing, and stay in this fat burning zone for at least 5 minutes. You can rest for a few minutes with laps, then go again for another 5 minutes, and so on. This move is especially good for toning your core and leg muscles.

Noodle Tucks

pool noodle exercises

You will want to be deep enough in the water so you can float with the help of your pool noodle. You should use the noodle to aid floating, and lean back so you can raise your legs by engaging your core muscles.

This pool noodle exercises is like the water version of a crunch, as you pull up your knees to your chest as far as possible. Hold for at least 2 seconds before releasing and going again for ten reps. This will tone up your tummy especially.

Combining Pool Noodle Exercises

For a full body workout, you should alternate between these exercises in one session. Do 10 Noodle Tucks before running across the pool with your noodle. Then carry out a few noodle push and pulls before doing pool running again.The pool run is key to raising your heart beat and this fat burning ability.

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