XLS Medical Fat Binder Review

Fat binders are not a new type of diet pill, but XLS Medical is a relatively new fat binder. It has been available to buy from high street stores for a few years. We decided to take a closer look and do a full review about this fat blocking diet pill, which has big claims such as helping you to lose 3 times more weight than dieting alone.

xls medical fat binderHow does XLS Medical Work?

XLS medical fat binder contains Litramine™ as it's key ingredient. This is sourced from a natural cactus extract.

It makes an insoluble substance when it binds with dietary fat that passes naturally through your body undigested.

This means it stops some of the fat you eat from being absorbed.

This is generally how fat binders perform. XLS medical claims a reduction of fat absorption of 27% which is impressive. Contrasted with Alli which claims a 25% reduction, but this has been slated for it's bad side effect profile.

Availability of this product is good, with a variety of retailers both online and in store stocking it from Tesco to Holland and Barrett

Does XLS Medical Work?

I had a look at a popular UK retailer boots.com and the following review was made by an anonymous customer:

“Been using these continuously for last 3 weeks with diet and some light exercise. I see absolutely no change. Also I haven't felt or had any decrease in appetite . Sorry I wasted my money. I will finish the months course but am very disappointed.”

Another unhappy customer said:

Used it per instructions, did not work at all, total waste of money for me.”- Vinny24

Side effects reported by Boots, a major retailer of XLS Medical in the UK are:

  • rash
  • itching
  • slight swelling
  • mild bloating
  • constipation

Other reviews suggest a modest amount of weight loss with 3/5 star reviews, but surely for the amount of money you are spending you hope to see more noticeable results.

At the time of writing, XLS medical one month supply of fat binder pills cost £60 in the UK. Which is fairly expensive but still not the most expensive diet pill on the market.

Is it the Best Fat Binder?

While XLS medical is by no means a scam product, I don't think it is the best fat binder available, and here is why. Not only does it bind slightly less fat than the market leader fat binder Proactol XS (1% less than the 28% that Proactol XS blocks), it is also more expensive.

Proactol XS has other benefits, having been established for over 6 years as a popular fat binder. It is backed by a 60 day guarantee when you buy from our recommended retailer.

It's side effect profile is excellent, with no known side effects being reported. You don't need to worry about so called “treatment effects” like oily stools and underwear staining (yes, that's really a thing with some fat binders!).

So whilst they are comparable in terms of results, you could save yourself money and get slightly better weight loss results by using Proactol XS.

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