The Yacon Diet Review

When Dr. Oz recommends the next big thing for weight loss, we listen. That's why today's review will be covering The Yacon Diet, a combination of 100% pure Yacon syrup and Yacon capsules that claim to be a “metabolism game changer” and powerful weight loss combo.

What is Yacon?


A South American plant, Yacon has been made into a sweet tasting syrup that is low in calories and cannot be digested by your body in the same way that sugar is. It can be used as a sugar substitute.

It is thought to have a two-pronged effect on weight loss:

  • It boosts your metabolism so you burn off more calories even while resting.
  • It makes you feel less hungry to you are less likely to overeat.

What is The Yacon Diet?

Harnessing the power of 100% Yacon syrup and also concentrating it's weight loss powers into an easy to take capsule, The Yacon Diet is a full diet system that could help you get in shape in 2014.

Simply take two capsules of the pure Yacon root pills twice a day, and replace your normal sweetener or sugar with the Yacon syrup, even in teas and coffees.

Along with the syrup and diet pills, you receive membership to Slimming+ where you can track your diet and fitness progress to help you stay motivated and on track.

Does The Yacon Diet Work?

The Dr. Oz show carried out a test using Yacon syrup for a month on 40 women. Not only did 73% of these women lose weight, the total weight loss amounted to 153 pounds. More than a quarter of the participants lost 5 pounds or more.

But The Yacon Diet doesn't just rely on the syrup for helping you to lose weight. With your pure Yacon capsules and membership to Slimming+ you are even more likely to lose weight successfully and keep it off well into 2014.

Where to buy The Yacon Diet?

Buy Yacon Diet

The best place to get the whole package for the best price is from the official “The Yacon Diet” website.

When you buy from the official site you get the following benefits:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Genuine 100% pure Yacon syrup and capsules
  • Worldwide discreet shipping
  • Discounts on larger orders
  • The cheapest price you can buy
  • Telephone and email support

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