Re-Code Weight Loss Drink Review

stop signThis article refers to a product called Re-Code weight loss drink, that is no longer available.

I highly recommend Proactol XS as an alternative product. It is a gentle supplement that still delivers great weight loss results. There is no caffeine or stimulants in it so there are no uncomfortable jitters or nervousness.

Proactol XS works by stopping some of the fat you eat from being absorbed in your digestive system. It is a bit like Orlistat but without the side effects and need for a prescription.

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As women age, it becomes more difficult to lose weight because of specific hormonal changes that occur within the body. That is why the usual diet products seem ineffective for women over the age of 30. Hormonal imbalances cause weight and water retention that is hard to shift.

Re-Code is a revolutionary diet product that has been designed for women aged 30 and above who find excess weight hard to get rid of. It comes in the form of a diet drink that you dilute with water and drink throughout the day.

re-code weight loss drink

How does Re-Code work?

Re-Code is a diet drink that is added to water in the morning, and you can then drink the water throughout the day. Not only do you get the advantages of Re-Code as a weight loss aid, you also get the health benefits of drinking at least a liter of water every day.

As Re-Code is specifically designed for women aged over 30, it needs to meet the requirements of those women. Therefore, Re-Code works in four specific ways:

  • It balances hormones responsible for weight control on women
  • It eliminates excess water retention
  • Fights both the visible and invisible signs of aging
  • Stimulates intestinal function to keep waste materials on the move

It can achieve these goals because it contains carefully selected ingredients:

  1. Isoflavins – A plant hormone that is very similar to female hormones that decrease as we age. This ingredient compensated for hormone loss.
  2. Lacitic Ferments – A digestive aid that works in the intestine to allow the Isoflavins to be properly absorbed by the body.
  3. Phlorizine – Being similar in molecular structure, this ingredient primes the intestines for absorbing Isolflavins effectively.
  4. Dandelion + Equisetum – This duo is excellent for getting rid of excess retained water and purifying the kidney and liver to remove toxins from the body.
  5. Rhubarb + Prebiotic Fibre –  These are chosen for the ability to stimulate the digestive tracts, allowing waste to be processed and removed from the body more efficiently.
  6. Collagen + Fermented Papaya – These ingredients fight the signs of aging by encouraging skin cell renewal to help diminish crows feet and lines from the inside out.

This isn't your average diet product, instead of speeding up your metabolism by boosting the central nervous system (which can cause headaches, shaking and anxiety)  this naturally encourages your body to rid itself of excess fat stored due to hormonal imbalances and toxin buildup.

Now is the time to take control of that creeping weight gain that you can't seem to stop and start feeling good about yourself again, being able to fit into a smaller dress size and dare to bare in a swimsuit on holiday again.

Where can I buy Re-Code?

Unfortunately Re-Code is no longer available to buy but I highly recommend Proactol XS as an available alternative.Save

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