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On July 11, 2014
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Our top rated Forskolin supplement that makes a fantastic herbal metabolism booster.

forskolin 125 review

Have you heard about the latest diet pill Forskolin? Apparently it can break down body fat and release fatty acids so they can naturally be eliminated from your body.

A natural plant extract from the mint family, Forskolin has gained in popularity as a fat burner supplement recently due to being featured on the Dr. Oz show.

How does Forskolin work?

Forskolin 125 works in two main ways:

  1. It encourages the breakdown of fat cells by boosting your metabolism.
  2. It increases the process of thermogenesis in your body in order to use up the energy released from fat cells.

Why 125mg?

125mg is the key concentration required for optimum fat loss, according to diet experts. And Forskolin 125 contains exactly 125mg of pure Coleus forskohlii root extract in every capsule, so you only need to take one per day.

Forskolin Testimonials

Here is what a few people had to say about taking Forskolin 125:

“I've only been using this pill for about 6 weeks and it certainly has increased my diet results”

“This supplement is great and you only have to take 1 a day which makes life much easier!”

What are the downsides?

Because the capsule shell contains gelatine, it is not suitable for vegetarians. This all natural supplement has proven to be extremely safe, however if you have a medical condition it is always best to check with a physician before taking any supplement.

Where to buy Forskolin 125

The very best place to buy Forskolin 125 is from Evolution Slimming because you get:

  • The cheapest price with special discounts
  • The 100% genuine product
  • A free 7 day diet plan
  • A 30 day guarantee

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Our top rated Forskolin supplement that makes a fantastic herbal metabolism booster.

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