Appesat Review – Does it Work? Is it Safe?

stop signThis article refers to a product (Appesat diet pills) that is sadly no longer for sale online or offline. It acted as a powerful appetite suppressant, much like PhenQ which I am glad to say is still available.

Although not new to the market, it still remains an effective appetite suppressant that can help you:

  • Avoid hunger pangs throughout the day
  • Resist snacking
  • Feel less hungry

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Sometimes we can stick rigidly to a diet, but fall prey to temptation when we are still hungry after meals.  In my workplace, there is often a queue for the vending machine around 3pm of people with flagging energy trying to get a quick pick me up to get them through until the end of the day.

But just one unhealthy snack a day could up your calorie intake by 500 calories,  around a quarter of the recommended intake for women (1/6 of mens intake).  For that amount of calories you could have a satisfying meal without the guilt. And some of us are having 2, 3 or more snacks full of unnecessary calories every day which will lead to almost guaranteed weight GAIN.

My interest was piqued by headlines calling Appesat “The gastric band pill”. I found myself thinking, can a pill really have the same effect as a medical procedure? Here I review Appesat, a natural appetite suppressant that can help control those cravings that drive us to overeat.

How does Appesat work?

Appesats key ingredient is Bioginate Complex, a fibrous seaweed extract with some key properties that help appetite suppression:

  • It stimulates sensors in the stomach wall that send signals to the brain telling it that it is full.
  • The key ingredient is resistant to stomach acid so can remain active in the stomach for a long time without being broken down.
  • The two properties above combine to ensure you achieve a feeling of fullness that remains during and a long time after eating.
  • As a result, you will want to eat less, and when you do eat you will feel full more much longer (reducing the temptation to snack)

One of the main benefits Appesat has is its ability to retrain your body to naturally want to eat less food over time. This is particularly useful for those who find themselves overeating and snacking.

Is Appesat safe?

Appesat contains 100% natural ingredients and is completely safe to use. One advantage is that it helps you to avoid that yo-yo dieting effect of putting on all of the weight you lose after coming off a diet. This is because its effects are so long lasting and that it retrains your brain to  want to eat less naturally.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Appesat is clinically proven to increase weight loss by up to 67% over just dieting alone.  Appesat has gained a cult following amongst celebrities, and the testimonials are glowing.

Most importantly, real people are seeing results as well. Here is what some customers had to say:

UK TV presenter Vanessa Feltz lost 13lbs in 4 weeks on Appesat

“My colleague recommended Appesat and said it was like a gastric band pill, I thought I'd try it and it worked from the first tablet I took. I was leaving food on my plate and the weight started coming off and staying off.”


“Appesat has really helped me reduce the amount I eat at meal times and stop snacking inbetween meals. I have lots more energy and have started walking to work instead of taking the bus. I've lost 3 stone already and have more to go, soon I will be able to say I am half the person I was.”


Where can I buy Appesat?

Appesat is no longer available to buy both online and in stores, but as an alternative powerful appetite suppressant,  I suggest PhenQ as a great alternative.

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