5:2 Fast Formula Review

stop signThis review refers to a product (5:2 Fast Formula) that is sadly no longer for sale online or offline. It acted as a powerful diet pill for causing significant weight loss, much like Zotrim which I am glad to say is still available.

Although not new to the market, it is an established brand and still remains an effective appetite suppressant that can help you:

  • Avoid hunger pangs throughout the day
  • Resist snacking
  • Feel less hungry

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The 5:2 intermittent fasting diet has taken the dieting world by storm. The diet, where you fast for two days out of seven, has seen a soar in popularity. There is a problem with this diet. People are becoming very hungry on fasting days and struggle to stick to the diet.

Now a new type of diet pill has been created to solve this problem, and the first of its kind is called the “5:2 fast formula”. Known as a fasting supplement, it aims to make fasting easier on those two days so you can get the most out of the 5:2 diet and see fast weight loss results.

5:2 fast formula bottleHow does the 5:2 fast formula work

There are three key ways in which this fasting supplement works:

  • Suppresses hunger so you can stick to your 500 calorie limit on diet days
  • Increases energy levels so you don't feel tired even while restricting calories
  • Replenishes the nutrients lost by fasting so you stay healthy throughout your diet

It is crucial that this fasting supplement controls hunger pangs because 90% of dieters say that this is the biggest problem they face when dieting. By reducing feelings of hunger, those 500 calorie days become much easier to stick to.

Some people don't react well to fasting because it makes them feel tired and sluggish. This pill can help because it helps to increase energy levels and provides the essential nutrients your body could be missing out on by fasting.

How does it achieve these results? Thanks to the carefully chosen all-natural ingredients:

  • Konjac root –  Slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream to provide a constant stream of energy and delays emptying of the stomach so you feel fuller for longer after eating.
  • Copper – An essential mineral for bone health you may miss out on through fasting.
  • Iron – Another crucial mineral lost during fasting. Low iron can lead to anemia and can make it difficult to lose weight.
  • B Vitamins – Aids fat burning and its conversion into energy.

I cannot stress enough how easy the 5:2 diet becomes when you use the 5:2 fasting formula. With the key ingredient of Konjac root, when you do eat you will feel fuller for much longer and simply won't feel as hungry. In fact, you may not notice you are on a diet at all!

Does it work?

Being a new product, you might expect there to be little evidence to suggest that it works yet. But the positive testimonials have bee flooding in. Take a look at a few customer comments:

“After using the 5:2 Fast Formula it was amazing. Close to no hunger pangs at all on the fasting days and I definitely felt a difference in my energy levels. Now I’m losing around 5 pounds per week!”

Ian Andrews, UK

“Absolutely amazing! My hunger just got worse and worse on my fasting days but after using the pills I had no hunger pangs whatsoever! I’ve lost 2 stone 1 lb so far!! Would highly recommend to anyone on the 5:2 diet.”

Donna Anderson, USA

“The idea of starving myself for two days a week didn’t really appeal, but with these pills and the shakes, it literally doesn’t feel like I’m hungry on the fasting days at all. I’ve lost 3 stone 2 lbs so far, it’s fantastic!”

Andy Smith, UK

Where to buy the 5:2 Fast Formula?

the 5:2 Fast Formula is unfortunately no longer available to buy both online and in stores, but as an alternative just as powerful appetite suppressant,  I suggest Zotrim as a great 5:2 Fast Formula alternative.

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