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Fat loss and genetics

Many people who have a family history of obesity wonder if their inability to lose weight is down to genetics. Is there such a thing as an obesity gene? Over the past 5 years clinical studies have been carried out to determine if the secret to fat loss is really hidden in your genes. Recent …

Where to buy Proactol

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We discover the best place to buy Proactol cheap online. With 100% money back and free gifts this source really is the best.

Vegetarian atkins diet

Top tips on how to follow the atkins low carb diet as a vegetarian. Find meat substitutions, atkins friendly fruit and vegetables and find out how carb blockers can help.

Zotrim for weight loss

aotrim news article

Zotrim has hit news headlines as the cure for a sweet tooth. Clinical studies show you can lose 2 inches off your waist in just 4 weeks! Find out more

Proactol Tester Job

Boasting “365 days holiday, except for the weekly catch up” and  a very attractive 23k+ salary, weight loss giants Proactol are offering the opportunity of a life time to be  a diet pill tester. British newspapers The sun,The Daily Mirror and The Daily Telegraph featured the story with headlines such as “The perfect job for …